Shocks and Struts


The main function of the shock and the strut is to mantain the tire attached to the ground. As components of the suspension, the shocks are individual components of the suspension that do not affect the alignment of the vehicle, and the struts are a major structural component of the suspension and they are a critical component for the alignment. The shock and the strut are mechanical devices used on the vehicle to smooth and absorb bumps in the road. When a shock/strut is compressed, oil is forced through the tiny orifices in the shock piston; this slows the movement of the shock absorber as it is compressed, and, as a result, slows the rate of the spring as well.

Shocks should be replaced when they are worn as worn shocks will increase stopping distances, create excessive bounce and create excessive roll and sway in the body. However, as preventitive maintenance, the shocks and the struts should be replaced every 50,000 miles or 80,000 kilometers as maintenance.

Here in Autoservicios Ensenada, we will make sure your vehicle works perfectly, and that includes inspecting your shocks and struts to make sure they are in perfect condition; we test drive your vehicle, and we make sure we provide the shock/strut from the best brand possible so we will fit your vehicle specifications, and that will fit the expectations that you desire.

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